We are a family church. Does that mean that only families can come?….certainly not…absolutely everyone is welcome.

It means that our values and relationships and actions are those of a close and loving family.

We are aware that there are vast numbers of people who have negative experiences of family life that are painful and damaging. But that was never God’s intention.

Each person is of value because they are made in the image of God. We are to be loved for who we are not what we do.

We, in GO Church, have learned from our experiences at Bethel Church in Redding California that honour is an absolutely fundamental foundation element of Church life. It has affected us greatly.

So for us honour is the essential ingredient of our family here. I can assure you that you will be valued.

We know God wants His Church to bring healing to those who have been hurt and damaged and we actively seek to fulfill His will in that.

Net Working together

We will endeavor to work together with all other parts of God’s family as we seek to bring Christ’s message to
•    Every home
•    Every business & organisation
•    Every person of every age

in this area.

To accomplish this we need one another and we all need to be released into our destiny. We all want a “…well done good and faithful servant…” when we finally meet God the Father.

God wants each person to be fully released into the calling He has placed on their life. His desire is that we know our identity in Him as “Children of God”, as “Heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven with Christ” and more.

This is a green light culture. This is a GO! culture. No holding back.


We count it as a privilege that we have fatherly & motherly input from both Ian & Rosemary Andrews (Citadel Ministries) and Gerald & Anona Coates (Pioneer Engage), all of whom we count as good friends.

GOChurch is a webchurch