“I have plans for you. I have plans. It’s never too late, it’s not too late for you”

This is a line from a song “Come away with me” by Brock Human from his album “Let Me In”. This is God’s cry and heart for everyone.

Just like the SatNav devices many of us have, we have destinations plumbed into us. These heavenly destinations are in our hearts. They are put there by God. God has set these destination in our hearts to call us to Himself. He constantly refers to them at every junction in our lives.

We have the right to ignore His voice because He has given us free will.

But, He has plans for us…”..Plans to do us good..” and “He has prepared good works for us to do..”

We can often find ourselves frustrated because that which we have in our heart is locked in by circumstances.

We believe that it is essential that we, the Church, should seek to release the “gold” that God has put in every person. It is meant to be out of the box.

Since the bible tells us to “ the race to win the prize..” , it is right to ask “Who are we competing against?”

The answer is simple. We are running to win the prize that comes with fulfilling that work which God has planned for us to do. By reaching our God desired destiny.

The world needs all of this gifting and potential to be operating to the full.

God placed the calling in us, however, it is up to each individual to fulfill it. God gives us a destiny but He is not obligated to make it happen.

That’s the job of each individual for themselves and the job of everyone else to encourage them in that task.

We do this by honouring that which God has put in every person. Honour releases the potential of the individual. Those who honour God’s gifting in others in this way also benefit.They benefit because they live under the overflow of those release gifts.

If we are to reach those who do not know Christ with the message of Love & Power then we need EVERYONE to fulfill his/her calling.