bg1fina KINGDOM

For a long time we have concentrated on the Church to the exclusion of taking the message and demonstrations of the King’s dominion to the world.

Jesus said ” I will build the church”….you GO and take the Kingdom message.

If we look at the world with a Kingdom mindset then we see two groups of people : the saved and unsaved.

If I look with a church/denominational mindset then I see the unsaved and groups of other Christians with other traditions and agendas.

Sadly to say its is possible that we see the other Churches/Traditions as competition rather than co-labourers.

We need a Kingdom mindset.


Denominational spirit

The denominational spirit is not associated with any particular group of Christians. It is a way of thinking that can affect us all.

A denominational way of thinking detrimentally affects the way we can relate with one another.

If  we think denominationally and we disagree then we will probably separate.


God values relationship

The government of heaven is family.

When relationship was broken at the garden of Eden then the Trinity determined that Christ should come. He came so that He should Live/Die and be resurrected to provide the means for restoring relationship and repairing the damage that ensued. We tend to value relationships less highly.

God is taking us through a season of establishing relationships locally, nationally and internationally, relationships that won’t break when we disagree.

As Christians we all believe in working for unity of a kind but we have privately seen it as an impossible task because we disagreed on too many details. In fact what we were really striving for was uniformity. That we will never achieve.

This certainly is not a call for a wishy-washy beige bland religious soup. It is a call for true relationships based on honouring the gifts and calling God has given each one of us.

The Trinity/Godhead is community so we must endeavor to reflect that in friendships and the way we deal with each other.

The lost world needs a Kingdom mentality from Christ’s bride.