ON THE SAME MISSION : but imperfections guaranteed

We, at Go Church, may not not agree with everything that is written on these sites. It is unlikely that those who operate these sites would  agree with everything we have written on ours. Does this matter?….No not at all.

Unity of purpose does not mean uniformity. We must recognise that we each believe that our doctrines, theological positions and practices are right (otherwise, hopefully, we wouldn’t believe what we believe or be doing what we do) .

Also, if we accept that God has not revealed everything of Himself to any one particular group or set of individuals then by inference we (at Go! Church and you at your Church) haven’t got it all either.

So The Mind of Christ is with the body of Christ. So let’s be generous and full of grace towards our co-workers in the Kingdom and you never know, we and they might learn a thing or two and have true fellowship on the way.


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